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Frequently asked Questions

Postpaid Mifi Plans

What is a Postpaid Mifi Plan?

Get connected with Digicel’s Postpaid Mifi Plans. Customers can choose from two (2) types of data only Postpaid Mifi plans which come with lots of data.


How much does it cost to activate a Postpaid Mifi Plan?

Purchase your Mifi Plan for as low as ECD$150 per month and receive your FREE Mifi device at any Digicel store, subject to devices being in stock and while these Plans are available for purchase.


 Monthly Subscription (ECD)



 ECD 150 

 Unlimited Rollover of your unused data


 ECD 220

 Unlimited Rollover of your unused data


What will happen when my Mifi Plan data allotment depletes.

To improve your experience, overage charges are blocked once your data allotment is exhausted.


Can I purchase add-on data with my Mifi Plan?

No, customers are not allowed to purchase add-on data for their Mifi Plan. Customers will have to wait until the following month to receive their monthly data allotment.


How do I sign up for a Postpaid Mifi Plan?

To sign up for a Postpaid Mifi Plan visit an authorized Digicel store with the required documents.


Are Postpaid Mifi Plans available to all customers?

Yes, any customer can sign up for a Postpaid Mifi Plan by just visiting an authorized Digicel store with the required documents and paying the relevant subscription fee.


Do I have to use the FREE device I received upon signing up with my Postpaid Mifi Plan to access the Mifi service or can I use any other handset?

Yes, Mifi Plans purchased by the customer can only be used in conjunction with the Mifi device which the customer received on signing up for the relevant Postpaid Mifi plan.


What documentation do I need to sign up for a Postpaid Mifi plan?

To activate a Postpaid Mifi Plan/account, customers are required to carry to an authorized Digicel store the following:

  • A valid form of ID; and
  • Proof of residence no more than three (3) months old (preferably a utility bill)


How does my Mifi plan work?

The Mifi Plan is a data only plan where customers are given a data allotment per month which can roll over once their account bill is paid in full and on time. After activating the Mifi service customer will have the opportunity of using their Mifi device as an internet hotspot. Customer’s Mifi devices work similar to an internet router, so in order to share their data with other devices, customers will have to share the password for others to connect.


How many devices can be connected to my Mifi service at the same time as a hotspot?

Customer who activate the Mifi plan can have a maximum of 2 devices connected at the same time. Customers are not permitted to charge others to access their Mifi service.


Does my data rollover with my Postpaid Mifi plan?

Yes. All unused data will rollover to your next billing cycle. Rollover only qualifies if your account bill is paid in full and on time.


How many times can I rollover my available data?

Customer can rollover their available data as many times as they have data to rollover and as long as their account bill is paid in full and on time.


How can I check the data and talk balance of my plan? 

You can check your remaining minutes and data by using the MyDigicel.


Can I make or receive calls with my Mifi device or with the Mifi Plan?

No. Although a mobile number is associated with the customer’s account the number cannot be used to make or receive calls and Digicel will not be liable in the event that the customer plans or attempts to use the device or plan for the purpose of making or receiving telephone calls.


Am I able to use the data while roaming?

No, if you activate a Mifi Plan and you travel outside of your country (roaming) you will not be able to use any data from your plan.


Can I cancel my Mifi Plan after signing up?

No, customers are not able to cancel their Mifi Plan once they sign up for the service.


When my Mifi Plan expires do I have to return my free device?

No, customers who cancel their Mifi Plan do not have to return their free Mifi device. Customers have the option of extending their Mifi service. However, if customers choose not to extend their service or if Mifi Plans are no longer available to customers, customer’s free devices may no longer be able to access data therefore the connectivity service will not be available.


What happens if my device stops working?

Where the customer’s free Mifi device stops working due to no fault of the customer within twelve (12) months from signing on to the Mifi Plan and receiving the device we will replace the customer’s device with another Mifi device within a reasonable time after being notified that the device is not working. However, where the customer’s device stops working at any time due to the fault of the customer whether by damage, lack of care or misuse etc., the customer will have purchase a replacement device to continue using the service.

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