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Your Right to Privacy

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As your digital operator, Digicel seeks to be your partner in the protection and security of one of your most valuable assets – your personal data. We are proud to be your communication platform, internet provider, and digital facilitator, delivering the world to your fingertips, through our products and services.

Even though we are open and transparent about how we use your data, we can’t control how you interact or communicate, or what you encounter or share via the use of our products and services. As such, it is important that you understand your right to privacy and how you exercise control over your data when you use devices, navigate the internet, download applications, and otherwise interact with third-party entities.

Here are some quick and easy tips on taking control of your right to privacy:

Setup your Privacy Preferences

Set the privacy preferences and controls of your phones, laptops, and other devices. These can often be found where there are controls for settings and permissions.

Cautious Sharing

Be careful when sharing any personal data with anyone. Be vigilant by paying attention to who you disclose information to, what you’re disclosing and what’s the intended nature of the use of your data. This can often be found in privacy notices or policies associated with products and services.

Phishing Awareness

When sharing information online, be aware of social engineers and phishers. Limit the information you make public.

Multi-factor Authentication

Protect your devices and accounts by enabling multi-factor authentication.

Through our Privacy Portal, Digicel gives you autonomy on how you manage your preferences and provides a portal for you to easily exercise rights under applicable privacy and data protection laws. If you wish to enquire about the exercise of any of these rights, please visit the Privacy Portal or contact the Group Privacy Team at privacy@digicelgroup.com.

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